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5 Benefits of Annual Car Servicing

If you get your car MOTed every year as is required by law, you’re probably wondering what the point of an annual service is. Surely an MOT is enough, right? In fact, most experts recommend you get an annual service as well. This not only keeps your car in tip-top condition but it also helps to avoid costly repairs down the road. If you’re still unsure if you need a regular car service, here are five important benefits from your local experts at Chirk Service Station.

Annual Car Servicing Chirk

1.Maintain the warranty

If you have a warranty on your vehicle, it likely includes a stipulation that you need a regular service at stated intervals. If you don’t carry this out, your warranty will be invalidated and you won’t be able to claim on it should something go wrong.

If you’re not sure when you should get your next service, it will tell you in your handbook. Make sure you go to a reputable garage and get a full record of the service to show your warranty provider if needed.

2. Keep the engine healthy

Engines aren’t checked as part of an MOT so you need a regular service to make sure it’s running optimally. Engines are designed to have regular maintenance, and need the oil and filters changed regularly.

Having the oil and filters changed not only helps your car run much more smoothly, but it will also prolong the life of your engine and prevent costly repairs from being needed in the future.

3. Protect the value of your car

A car is a pretty big investment, no matter how much you spend, so it makes sense to maintain it as well as possible. You wouldn’t buy a house and then never do any renovation work, so why is a car any different?

As well as protecting your investment, a regular service also makes a car much easier to sell in the future. Potential buyers will want a full service history and without it, you’ll struggle to sell.

4. Avoid bigger issues

A regular service will help pick up on minor issues before they can become big and expensive to correct. Without that regular check-up, engine issues creep up and end up being difficult to fix.

A regular service is a low-cost way of avoiding larger issues by maintaining your car in peak condition and fixing smaller issues as they arise.

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