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The 5 Essentials of Car Tyre Maintenance

Most car owners only take notice of their tyres when they get a flat. But tyres actually require regular maintenance and checks to keep them at their best. Having safe, quality tyres keep your car roadworthy, make the driving experience smoother, and boost your fuel efficiency, so these quick tips from our experts at Chirk Service Station are well worth the effort.

Car Tyre Maintenance Chirk

1. Tyre pressure

Underinflation will damage the tyre and increase your fuel consumption, costing you more in petrol over time. On the other hand, too high pressure will increase the risk of a blow out which can be incredibly dangerous when travelling at speed.

Even if your car has a tyre pressure monitoring system, get in the habit of checking your tyre pressure manually once a month to make sure it’s at the right number.

2. Tyre rotation

It’s recommended to get your tyres rotated after the manufacturer-recommended number of miles to keep the wear even. This prolongs the life of the tyres and prolongs the time you have before they need to be replaced.

This is a service you can get done with us at your local garage as needed.

3. Wheel balancing

Your wheels also need to be balanced after the manufacturer-recommended number of miles as well as rotation. Imbalanced wheels don’t turn symmetrically, which causes uneven wear and tear on the tyres. This makes the tyres wear down much more quickly and increases your risk of a flat or blow out.

4. Wheel alignment

Misaligned wheels is another issue that will drastically increase the wear on your tyres and make the car much harder to control. Your wheel alignment will be checked during your annual service, but make sure to bring your car in to get checked if you hit a curb, speed bump, or pothole at high speed. This is a common cause of wheel misalignment and needs to be fixed right away.

5. Regular tyre fitting

When the tread is worn down, get your tyres replaced with quality new ones. The amount of time you have between tyre fitting will vary depending on the age and usage of your car, but a general rule of thumb is you should be able to fit a 20 pence piece in the tread of your tyre. If you can’t, they’re too worn and need to be replaced.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to replace any of your tyres, our team will give you honest, reliable advice.

Count on Us for Quality Tyre Fitting and Supply

At Chirk Service Station, we are known for professional, affordable tyre fitting. We supply and fit tyres for a range of clients across Chirk, as well as a network of trade clients. We will advise you on whether your tyres need to be replaced and carry a range of quality brands. We also offer a range of complementary services including wheel alignment and rebalancing to keep your car running smoothly.

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